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Our investment portfolio as of 2020

These investments were made between the years 2010-2020. After that, the investors decided to change their investment strategy and started a new investment company .Cocoon Ventures.


Stebby (previously known as SportID), symbolizes moving step-by-step and thinking more about our health. The big goal of Stebby is to provide a convenient environment where people can find and purchase all kinds of welfare services, use the compensation provided by their employer, and keep an eye on their health expenses.

Dealum provides a superior investor group collaboration platform to build a vibrant early-stage investing ecosystem.

Interactio is the leading multilingual meetings solution used to interpret and stream over 26,000 remote, hybrid, and on-site events since 2014.


Click & Grow indoor gardening solutions. They are working towards making the most essential, fresh, vitamin-packed food free for everyone on this planet.

Xolo sets up your solo business: own a company powered by Estonian e-Residency or use our unique virtual company concept.


Fractory's platform offers metal fabrication services online.After uploading your CAD files to the platform, our algorithm chooses a partnering supplier to suit your needs according to their availability, location, capabilities and materials. Fractory provides a full service - from quoting to manufacturing and delivery, taking full responsibility for every step.

Neural DSP plugins are full guitar rigs, that include pedals, amp(s) and guitar cab with mics. Every Neural DSP product have different amps, cabs and pedals. 

Digital toolbox for skin and wound care. Doctors and nurses can store, compare and tele-consult photo-images of patient skin or wounds.

Fanvestory is a funding and engagement platform for music lovers and their artists. Fans fund projects like songs, videos, or tours, in exchange for right to share some of the future earnings.



Funderful is pioneering chatbots in Higher Education.

ChatCreate is a developer of a live chat conversation platform designed to automate simple conversations.



Clipman is software tool used to create product videos in just minutes that boost e-commerce marketing and drive sales.

Timbeter is a forest tech company specializing in timber measurement and data management using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Frank is a cross-platform AI marketing tool.


RangeForce is a cloud-based cyber security simulation and training platform where IT professionals can play realistic cyber battles

Mox offers last-mile logistics solutions that range from delivering merchandise to recruiting qualified personnel and personalized technological development.

Sportlyzer is a sports coaching software and workout log. They make training planning and performance analysis simple for sports teams.

Tebo helps teachers to manage their teaching content and share with other teachers and students.

askRobin is your free financial search engine.



Workkola is a collaborative marketplace for experiential learning that connects students and startups on a project by project basis

ArcticStartup is an independent technology blog that reports on startups and growth entrepreneurship from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

GuestJoy helps hotels of all kinds around the world to create digital guest experiences. Check-in online, distribute door codes, upsell services or gather feedback.

Chatchamp offers digital shopping assistants with chatbots that can provide customers with professional & fully automated consultation on e-commerce websites. 


Speakly is the fastest way to learn a foreign language. Speakly uses spaced repetition to push newly learned information into your long-term memory in the most efficient possible way.

High-performance NoSQL database with integrated Data Sync for the decentralized Edge Computing topology. Perfect for fast and resource-efficient data persistence on Embedded Devices, IoT, and Mobile.

investly contriber ventures.png

Investly provides an invoice finance platform that lets you easily upload invoices and get them paid with the best rates much faster. 

Screenful is the easiest way to visualise and share your project progress using data from your existing tools. Get a quick overview of your team's status on your smartphone or tablet


SprayPrinter is a handheld printer that works with spray paint. With the help of our mobile app and SprayPrinter device you can easily transfer images from your smartphone onto walls yourself.

Investing in seed to pre-IPO stage FinTech and InsurTech opportunities, with a bias toward emerging markets.

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